Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to citizens of any country
  • Must have completed a doctoral degree (within 2 years post-doctorate from the time of application submission to desired department (on or after December 02, 2015) or will do so prior to commencing fellowship
  • The doctoral degree obtained must be from a university other than the University of Alberta
  • At the time of application submission to desired department, must not hold a postdoc position at the University of Alberta or be employed at the University of Alberta. Please note that any applicant that begins a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Alberta or is employed by the University of Alberta after time of submission and before final selection will be adjudicated in a second tier. 
  • Fellowships may be awarded in departments without doctoral programs, but only where facilities are adequate and doctoral calibre research is being carried out
  • Killam/Notley Fellowship holders should be likely to contribute to the advancement of learning or to achieve distinction in their profession, should not be a one-sided person, and each scholar's special distinction should be founded upon sound character and collegiality.
  • Fellowships are only tenable at the University of Alberta

Application procedures for both the Killam and Notley fellowships begins with a Postdoctoral Fellowship Application.