Postdoctoral Fellowship Application

Prospective postdocs should first contact their department to determine if they should apply for Killam or Notley fellowship.

If the department recommends a fellowship application, follow the procedures outlined below.

Individual departments will pre-screen applications and forward the top-ranked candidates for consideration by the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee.
December 01, 2017 is the deadline for prospective postdocs to submit all documents to departments.

2017 (for 2018/2019 Funding period) Timeline

Application Procedures

1. Complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Form

2. Prepare a curriculum vitae

  • List refereed publications or conference proceedings, beginning with the most recent.

  • List publications in which you are author or co-author that are published, in press, and/or accepted for publication in refereed journals.

  • For papers in press, indicate the date of acceptance by the editor.

  • Begin each entry on a new line and state the full authorship, the year, the title, the name and volume of the journal, and the first and last page numbers. The authorship should be identical to that of the original publication.

3. Obtain an original, scanned original, or certified true copy of PhD, PhD-equivalent or health professional degree fulfillment

  • All documents submitted must be in English, as well as the original language in which they were written. A certified translator, not yourself, must prepare the English version.

  • Applicants who have not fulfilled all requirements for their degree at the time of application must do so prior to commencing Fellowship. A transcript is not required.

  • In cases where the applicant has had their career interrupted or delayed for the purpose of childrearing, illness, or health-related family responsibilities or, for health professionals only, have engaged in post-degree non-research related clinical training (residency, etc).
Applicants must document any interruptions, delays, or post-degree clinical training in a Special Circumstances attachment.

4. Arrange for three Letters of Appraisals from persons familiar with your academic work to be sent to the chair of the department.  

  • All letters of appraisal must have original signatures. They should contain a substantive evaluation of your ability and not be merely testimonials, as the fellowships are intended primarily for those who are seeking to establish themselves in their chosen field.

  • Only have three appraisals sent. Any additional letters will be removed prior to competition.

5. Arrange a letter of support and biosketch from the U of A research supervisor.  

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6. Submit a complete application package to the Chair of the department.
See Department Review & Ranking for the next step in the fellowship application process.