Department Review and Ranking

Individual departments are responsible for pre-screening all documents before ranking and submitting fellowship applications. Departments then submit a maximum of one nomination ELECTRONICALLY for each fellowship (ie. one Killam nominee and one Notley nominee) to the Postdoctoral Fellows Office.

Only scanned originals are acceptable. Scanned photocopies will result in an incomplete file.

Please make sure each nomination meets the eligibility requirements -- no exceptions will be made.

Deadline for submission to Postdoctoral Fellows Office is January 08, 2018. Departments are also responsible for notifying applicants who are not being nominated.

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Each nomination must include:


From the department:

  • a Department Nomination Form 
  • a cover letter from the department Chair or Graduate Coordinator indicating benefits that would accrue from the proposed collaboration
  • Note: Please ensure that the department/faculty speaks to the sound character and/or collegiality of the applicant.
Submitted by the applicant and reviewed by the department: