How to Appoint a Postdoc

Appointing/Reappointing a postdoctoral fellow

If you would like to newly appoint or reappoint a postdoctoral fellow who is a foreign national, a UAlberta staff member in the host department should complete the following steps.

Step 1: Complete the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment

International Mobility Program

The International Mobility Program applies to foreign nationals who fall into the “LMIA-exempt” category, and include (but are not limited to): Post-Doctoral Fellows

To invite foreign visitors, access the U of A Human Resource Services website at:

For details on how to use this new IMMIGRATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, refer to the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment User Guide and Tips sheet.

Immigration Services will assess the information and if required, create and submit the required forms and payment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Once a response is received from IRCC, Immigration Services will contact the department with further instructions. For further information about inviting a foreign national under the International Mobility Program, please visit the frequently asked questions.

This online form gathers information about the postdoctoral fellow. UAlberta's Immigration Services will determine the appropriate immigration category, and will provide hosts with appropriate appointment letter and advise if additional documentation (e.g., work permit, etc.) is required.

Step 2: Complete the required documents as directed by UAlberta Immigration Services and send to your postdoctoral fellow.
Keep a copy for your records.

If the postdoc is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please use the template letters below.

  • New appointment - applicable to both Canadian citizen and permanent resident
  • Reappointment - applicable to both Canadian citizen and permanent resident

PDF Minimum Stipend

Effective September 1, 2017 is $37 795.86

Based on Doctoral 12 hours/week - one month scale (x 1.5) 2017-2018 Award and Minimum Salary Rates

Effective September 1, 2016 is $37 053.54 

Based on Doctoral 12 hours/week - one month scale (x 1.5) 2016-2017 Award and Minimum Salary Rates

Cost of Supplemental Benefits Increase

July 1, 2017 the yearly cost of the postdoc supplemental benefits is $707.16 for single coverage and $2 040.12 for family coverage.

In addition, effective February 01, 2016 the PDFAP (Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program) is $5.50 per month.

WCB is $0.18 per $100 of the stipend.

Additional Information

Effective November 1, 2017 

Employees and the PI each contribute equal amounts to CPP (4.95% of insurable earnings up to $55,300) to a maximum annual amount of $2,564.10 (2017).

For EI, employees contribute 1.63% of insurable earnings to $51,300 per annum. Maximum contribution $836.19 (2017). The PI also contributes 2.282% to a maximum contribution of $1,170.67.